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Welcome to Cum Lube UK

Welcome to Cum Lube UK, where we are dedicated to enhancing your sexual experiences with a slathering of erotic realism. Our range of premium cum lubricants and ejaculating dildos are crafted to give you the wettest, wildest time imaginable. Whether you are looking to spice up your solo sessions, add a silky smooth touch to your partner play or live out your naughtiest cumshot fantasies, Cum Lube UK has everything you need!

What is Cum Lube?

Cum Lube is a revolutionary sexual lubricant designed to mimic the natural feel, appearance and texture of genuine real-life semen. While it may seem like just a novelty item, don’t be fooled! Cum Lube is the single best personal and sexual lubricant available. It is a unique blend that offers an authentic, sensual experience, enhancing your intimate and erotic moments with an ultra-realistic touch. 

Why Choose Our Cum Lube?

There are various cum lubes available on the market but our water-based lube is a careful concoction of safety, quality and enjoyment. It has been designed to provide the sleekest, smoothest lubrication and to be 100% body-safe for hygienic, worry-free pleasure.

All Cum Lube UK products are:

  • Paraben-Free: No harsh chemicals, just natural enjoyment.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our cum lubes are safe for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Use a water-based formula: Easy to clean, non-staining and compatible with all sex toys and condoms.

What is Cum Lube Used For?

The great thing about Cum Lube is that it is totally inclusive and incredibly versatile. Our lube is designed for individuals and couples of all genders and sexual orientations to explore, experiment and excite. Some of the most popular uses of cum lube include:

Cumshot Roleplay and Fantasies

There is just something so infinitely sexy about a massive load of jizz dripping down your chin or glazing your entire body and Cum Lube can give you that experience again and again! Cum Lube can be used to add extra spunk to your man’s load, for all-female couples to play out their cum fantasies and for straight couples to switch roles. Want to experience a genuine bukkake? You can glaze your face like a naughty doughnut! Craving a double creampie? Take your man’s load in one hole and a Cum Lube load in the other! Sticky and satisfying!


There is no better way to make self-love more pleasurable than with a healthy dollop of lube, and there is no better lube than Cum Lube. Slather it on your fingers, sex toys, breasts and naughty parts and let its silky smooth texture magnify every sensation! 

Cumming Dildo Play

Cum lube is also the go-to choice for cumming dildos. Its unique texture, sheen and viscosity offer the most realistic experience while its water-based formulation will not degrade your silicone toys. To use, simply fill the reservoir of your cumming dildo with our incredible Cum Lube. When you are ready for the pop shot, simply squeeze the hand pump and get ready for a pasting! We guarantee you creampies, facials and body shots which would make a pornstar proud!

Couple Play 

For couples, Cum Lube is not only an ultra-lifelike product but it is also a top-quality lubricant. This makes it a go-to for vaginal sex, anal sex, erotic massages, chastity device play and much, much more. Cum Lube is super easy to clean which means there is no argument about housework to ruin the post-orgasm bliss! 

Introducing Our Range of Cumming Dildos

At Cum Lube UK, we take pride in offering an exclusive and diverse collection of cumming dildos, each crafted to bring your spunky fantasies to life. All of our cumming dildos are made from the highest quality silicone with spacious reservoirs and easy-to-use pumps for mega cumshots. We have a huge range of dragon cumming dildos, horse cumming dildos and many more! These dildos not only deliver a massive load, they are also massive toys ensuring you will be totally filled and fulfilled!

Why Choose Our Cumming Dildos?

Recent years have seen more and more cumming dildos hit the erotic market but many fall short in quality and design. At Cum Lube UK, we offer only premium cumming dildos to match our premium lubricant. We prioritise design, quality of materials, user experience and safety to ensure that every item in our cumming dildo collection offers the most pleasurable experience.

Some of the key features of our cumming dildos include:

  • Realistic Experience: Our dildos are meticulously designed to mimic the look, feel, and functionality of a real penis. This detailing includes veins, textures, and lifelike heads, providing an experience that's as close to the real thing as possible.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from body-safe, non-toxic materials, our cumming dildos ensure a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Versatility in Use: Whether for solo play, couples' exploration, or fantasy cum play scenarios, our cumming dildos have you covered (in cum!)
  • Huge Range of Options: Choose from a range of sizes, shapes and designs to suit your personal kinks and comfort level. 
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: All our cumming dildos are designed for easy filling, cleaning and maintenance.

Who Can Benefit from Our Cumming Dildos?

Just like our Cum Lube, our cumming dildos are the perfect sex toys for anyone and everyone. This includes:

Solo Players

Our cumming dildos are perfect for vaginal, anal and oral masturbation. They include suction cup bases to secure your dildo to any hard surface so you can ride it to your heart’s content.

Couples Exploring New Dirty Dimensions

Cumming dildos are also fantastic sex toys for couples who are seeking new novelty and excitement. They can be used for DPs, multiple cumshot fantasies, pegging and role reversal. 

Role-Playing Enthusiasts

Cumming dildos are also ideal for role-play scenarios, allowing you to embark on some erotic fantasy adventures. With dragon, unicorn and werewolf designs, you can truly unleash your inner beast!

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